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Smiling Woman
Smiling Woman
Blond Wavy Hair

You’ve never seen anything quite like it!

The soft, beautiful, lasting waves​ of the Cali-Curl waving system. Revolutionary technology & innovative, patented superior bond repair and protective solutions are now combined to create a one-of-a-kind​ salon service.


Waves Your Way!

Go for glam or let loose. Whatever you choose, Cali-Curl is here to help you be more YOU with customizable methods for a totally unique look.

Shorter- Below shoulders..........$275+
Longer- Mid back..........$325+
Mid-back and longer..........$375+  
*Pricing will vary due to thickness of hair

Blond Wavy Hair

Long Lasting

That effortless, beachy texture will enhance over the following days, and last up to 6 months


Your Cali-Curl is one of a kind and customizable


Patented, bond repair and protective solutions leave your​ client’s hair stronger, healthier and more nourished

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